A node.js server build specifically to build efficient REST services....

... using MondoDB, Redis, Appnima, Crons, Jade, Scrapping, and more.
$npm install yoi Download manualy Node Package Manager for install manually. Download version 1.0.0

All the big guys using it

We know that Node.js has become the backend technology of the time, that's the reason because why we created YOI, you can build your own services from the first minute using our stack: Mongo, Redis, Appnima, CI, crons ... all of them with the simple premise "configure better than code". Whether you're a developer who has never worked with Node.js or already an kungfu-master-expert, we invite you to try YOI another way to develop web services for worldwide.

Optimized for REST Services

Yoi was created to offer the best way to create APIs for your wonderful products. Whether you want to create a web service as if you want to create a new mobile killer app you need a backend that supports all your features. Yoi gives you an optimized architecture for creating REST APIs in a simple, transparent and safe way.

About us

Tapquo is a smart company who thinks, designs and builds products with a amazing user experience. Founded in 2011, since then we’ve launched products for developers around the world. Fueled by creativity, the people that make up tapquo are the type of folks you'd pick first for a recess kickball game.

In our code tribe are six developers, three in frontend, two in backend, one craftsman and all are passionated with the 'clean-code'. "Share and enjoy", we love working with other startups and studios. We want to collaborate with you and make your clients smile.